Racial Profiling And Implicit Stereotypes

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Over the past couple of years, the instances of discrimination against people of color has increased exponentially. From Sandra Bland to Michael Brown, the injustices against people of color seems to have no bounds. As with any conflict, many people seem to be picking sides in these situations. Whether they side with the police or victim, it is hardly fair to do so without gaining an adequate understanding of what happened. Unfortunately, people fail to acknowledge both sides of the conflict in question. Just like any argument, in order for one to gain a greater understanding of the situation, they must be able to examine both sides without prejudice. Regrettably, the bias and stereotypes that society has ingrained in their subconscious makes that nearly…show more content…
The stereotypes that white people and people of color hold for each other create divisions amongst these groups, increase the likelihood of fatal interactions, and further the agenda of institutional racism. In a nutshell, implicit bias is the idea that there are stereotypes ingrained in one’s subconscious so they don't even realize that they are being prejudicial. Implicit bias seems to make its way into many discussions about incidents involving police and people of color. Due to the mistreatment of people of color by police officers, many have begun to view the police as a force that cannot be trusted. Conversely, because of the historical discrimination of people of color, many police officers and white Americans have the stereotype that people of color
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