Racial Profiling: Article Analysis

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This article brought many points into light that many other articles were too sacred to bring up or simply did not want to bring up because the evidence went against their claim. This article talked about how racial profiling is often times misunderstood. To argue his point, he talks about how crime is never evenly distributed in cities and many times the places where there is the most crime is a part of town that lives in poverty. Often times this also means these parts of town are highly diverse. Policemen then, doing their job, watch these parts of town because of the high crime. The policemen then get hate because they are “racial profiling”. This should not be happening. Policemen should not be getting hate because they are doing their job. If that part of town has more crime but just happened to have more minority figures in it should it be considered racial profiling? No. The article states, “Such departments will be reluctant to use analytical tools, such as geographic mapping, to identify areas in need of more attention if this elicits adverse media publicity.” If policemen are scared to do their job because the public might rebel then something is wrong.
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