Racial Profiling Thesis

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When it comes to racial profiling by the police in the criminal justice system, African Americans are more often racially profiled than any other race in America today. This has become a problem because not ever black individual is a criminal and not every criminal is black. Therefore, there needs to be some sort of resolution to this epidemic. “By analyzing data from 4.5 million traffic stops in 100 North Carolina cities, Stanford researchers have found that police in that state are more likely to search black and Hispanic motorists, using a lower threshold of suspicion, than when they stop white or Asian drivers” (Andrews, E., 2016). Hypothesis Racial profiling is happening more and more in America today. "Racial Profiling refers to the …show more content…

There is not proven way to eliminate racial profiling, however, educating, facts, and better training are ways to help eliminate some of the causes of racial profiling. These tool help to keep the criminal justice system to performing their duties in a biased manner. If the criminal justice system is not operated bias, then, there is a better chance that the individual will not be accused or profiled based on race alone. This gives every community equality. This is a start to ending racial …show more content…

Several law enforcement agencies have gone through expensive litigation over civil rights concerns. Police-citizen relations in those communities have been strained, making policing more challenging. Most importantly, racial profiling is unlikely to be an effective policing strategy as criminals can simply shift their activities outside the profile (e.g., if racial profiling begins with police stopping black males in their teens and twenties for being drug carriers, criminals may start using other demographic groups — such as Hispanics, children or the elderly — to move drugs). Despite training to avoid discrimination, officers may still rely on cultural stereotypes and act on their perceptions of a person 's characteristics (such as age, race or gender)” (National Institute of Justice, 2013). Either way, there must be adequate training to prevent certain actions from occurring by the police. The police are supposed to protect and serve, however, when the police use certain measures, then, the public are the ones who need to be protected from the same police that are put in place to do the job. When it comes to the police, there should be trust between the police and the people. When it comes to play that the people cannot trust the police with equality, then, it becomes a problem. Race should never play a role in why a person is stopped, frisked, arrested, or suspected. These things should be based on facts and not a bias opinion

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