Racial Profiling Research Papers

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Racial profiling is defined as “The use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed a crime”. (Oxford Dictionaries | English, Oxford Dictionaries.) For the long history that is The United States of America and even in present day we still see racial profiling. In the past few years even with large media presence on certain cop related incidence or the unfair sentencing of one due to their race we have started to see a change from those within the criminal justice system as well as the citizens of this country, standing up for what is right and just. In 1968 after the country was suffering from riots from Newark to Detroit with damages to the country ranging in the $100 million mark on property damage, 83 people…show more content…
Based on completion percentage white males lead with around 92% completion followed by African American males and white females (88%). We then see that Hispanic males in third place at around 86% completion followed by African American females and other race men(80%), followed by other race females (75%) lastly by Hispanic females (73%). After looking at the numbers we will dive into some important parts of diversity in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. (Christine Gardiner and Matthew J. Hickman, 2017.) One of the most important parts of having diversity within the criminal justice system is a sense of familiarity on the relationship of those in the system to the citizens. Statistics show that minorities show a higher level of comfortability when dealing with a officer or other members of the criminal justice system if they are also a minority and even a higher percentage when dealing with someone of the same race. It also helps with police discretion. (Christine Gardiner and Matthew J. Hickman,…show more content…
This policy allows those who came into this country as undocumented minors protection from deportation as well as a work permit and a temporary social security number. Some of the requirements for DACA are you were under the age of 31 by June 15th, 2012, having been in the country before your 16th birthday, you are currently going to get your diploma/GED or getting a degree or an honorable discharge from the Military and you have not been convicted of a felony and certain misdemeanors. Every two years you have the potential for renewal. (“What Is DACA?” UNDOCUMENTED STUDENT PROGRAM - University of California
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