Racial Profiling In The Police Force Essay

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Who is the target? I hate when people complain about racial profiling in the police force. African Americans are not the only race that has conflict with the police. I know because I have been in a situation where I could have been easily racial profiled but I was not. About four weeks ago I was in a store and I heard the manager complaining to a white policeman that a man in a red hoodie was stealing. I had on a red hoodie and a white man had on a red hoodie. The police officer walked pass me and checked the white man’s pockets to see if he was stealing. The officer found the stolen merchandise and escorted the thief outside of the store. Man people may think racial profiling exists amongst all white police officers because white on black crime is all that is recorded on the news. The news reports what the people want to hear, and racial profiling is trending. Minorities tend to only want to hear about minority problems, so…show more content…
For example, eighty-three percent of Caucasians that were murdered was killed by fellow Caucasians. (Allon, The Staggering High) Most of these murders was broadcasted locally, but didn’t make it to the national news. The only time you see a murder on the news is when a minority is harmed. Minority rights should be protected, and so should the rights of the good cops. We are brainwashed by what the news shows us. Now every time we see an incident with a police man and a minority we automatically think racism. Police officers are scared to protect civilians because they are afraid of losing their jobs. Many police officers are suspended and fired for getting in a tussle with a minority. In most cases police officers subdue people because they may be a threat to society. If a minority is really a threat to society and the officer is peer-pressured by all of the citizen of his country, the minority could possibly hurt an innocent

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