Racial Profiling In The Workplace

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Discrimination wrongfully inflicts disadvantageous treatment on persons based on their affiliation in a significant social group.
Racial Profiling By definition, racial profiling is treating someone first as a “suspect,” using a person’s race, religion and/or ethnicity alone as a sufficient prognostic indicator of potential unlawful behavior. In the workplace, racial profiling is a very big part of our daily workforce. It may fall under the following on the basis of a person’s race, religion and/or ethnicity:
• Failing or refusing to hire an employee;
• Firing or disciplining an employee;
• Providing fewer benefits, promotions, opportunities
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In work places hate can be expressed through: speech, posters, brochures, pamphlets, assault, property damage or property defacing. To meet organizational goals and be the best they can be, it is important for workers to treat each other the way they want to be treated.
Political Influence Political influence increases the ability of individuals in a company to sway influence. Managers often endorse damaging official discrimination to please politically powerful interest groups. Influence by these individuals causes racial animosity and misuse of power within a workplace which can be highly destructive as people focus on personal gains at the expense of the
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Women often fall victim if they do not accept the advances made by their fellow male workers. They have become victims of sexual abuses and rapes while going back home and this is due to lack of proper security. Studies of women’s wages conclude that women are discriminated against in U.S. labor markets. These studies also are misleading because they suffer from the bias caused by omitted information. There is also social discomfort in allowing women to work outside the home in countries like India. They even have to leave earlier because it is not safe for them to work till late with the men.
Intolerance People disagree with what others say, not that they have to agree every time but it gives insight into why others feel the way they do about certain situations. For instance, hiring an employee from the Middle East does not necessarily mean that the worker is of Muslim faith and is a member of the Al-Qaeda group. There are as many viewpoints on the War and how to interpret the Koran as there are people who identify themselves as being Middle Eastern. People need to be very careful of what they assume about people before getting to know
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