What Is Racial Profiling Wrong

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The debate of racial profiling on a daily basis creates tension between people. One might say that racial profiling is bad or racist. Another might say that it is necessary and will keep people safe. The debate of racial profiling has been going on all the way back to when slavery was coming up to an end. Racial profiling is basically “... any police action such as arrest, search, contact or detention which was solely based on the person 's race or ethnicity rather than on the individual 's behavior"(Kaenel). Racial profiling is wrong and should NOT be used. There are "Few issues in society today(that) generate as much controversy as the issue of racial profiling. It was a recurrent topic of debate during the 2000 presidential campaign,…show more content…
Racial Profiling sends the message that people are being “judged by the color of their skin and harms the criminal justice system by eviscerating the trust that is necessary if law enforcement is to effectively protect our communities.”(Fact Sheet) Racial Profiling addresses people directly based off of the color of their skin. This is an unethical action, this because it is unfair, injustice, shows inequality and causes corruption due to that. Racial profiling is based off of the assumption that “...any particular individual of one race or ethnicity is more likely to engage in misconduct than any particular individual of other races or ethnicities.”(Fact Sheet). Racial Profiling separates people by color, race or ethnicity, like discrimination. Within this discrimination, they are basically say that one kind is more likely to do one thing then another. There is evidence that“ ...even deep-seated stereotypes and unconscious biases can be eroded through both education and exposure to minorities who don’t fit common stereotypes...they can be contained when people are held accountable for their decisions. “(Fact Sheet). Racial profiling dehumanizes societies and is a bias act made by authorities. Using Racial profiling creates tension, especially when people are treated differently because of the way they look. An opposing argument would say that Racial Profiling is needed…show more content…
The fourth amendment states that the rights of “the people” are to be secure in their persons, houses, papers etc. Searches or arrests motivated by race are unreasonable under the fourth amendment. There are even precedents set “which has declared this narrow definition of Racial Profiling as being unconstitutional.”(Kaenel). Kaenel writes about how racial profiling is basically an action made based off of one 's ethnicity or races background. It is unconstitutional, and there are even precedents set, to set certain boundaries within racial profiling. Under our law,“...every person is innocent until proven guilty. When officials use profiling, they are indirectly blaming entire communities because a few among them have committed horrible crimes. Not only is that wrong, but it 's also a waste of law-enforcement resources.”(Kaenel). It is said that every person is innocent until proven guilty, and not the other way around. It is also said that when officials use profiling, it puts off the wrong message that they are blaming entire communities only because few have committed a crime, like Muslims with terror attacks. These actions go against the constitutional rights given to every American. Racial Profiling“... is inconsistent with America 's core constitutional principles of equality and fairness.” (Nomani and Abbas). Racial profiling is “inconsistent” with
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