Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling
The Civil Rights Act of 1964, ended segregation and banned employment discrimination on the bias of race, color, and ethnicity. The act promotes equality to all people. Everyone has a right to feel and be equal. That is hard to do when someone is constantly being targeted because of the color of their skin. Racial profiling is a huge controversial topic in law enforcement. Officers should be banned from using it to build a criminal case. Racial profiling is police that can racially profile and cam contact, search, detain, or arrest persons which was solely based on the person’s race or ethnicity rather than the individual’s behavior. In society today, the issue has been becoming more of a problem and is causing issues for the public. The police officers are using characteristics such as race and ethnicity as something they build their case with. They would use how old a person is, when and where a crime took place at, what the person was wearing and of course the color of the person’s skin. The people who are mostly involved in this issue would be the police forces and anyone of color or different ethnicity such as Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. FBI agents have started using racial profiling to fight the drug and other organized crimes (Source 1). By using this

Hearn 2 profiling, and other police measures that do not go by civil rights or laws is affecting and harming the police forces. In some states, “it will be left to individual officers to

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