Racial Profiling Research Paper

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Racial Profiling The Civil Rights Act of 1964, ended segregation and banned employment discrimination on the bias of race, color, and ethnicity. The act promotes equality to all people. Everyone has a right to feel and be equal. That is hard to do when someone is constantly being targeted because of the color of their skin. Racial profiling is a huge controversial topic in law enforcement. Officers should be banned from using it to build a criminal case. Racial profiling is police that can racially profile and cam contact, search, detain, or arrest persons which was solely based on the person’s race or ethnicity rather than the individual’s behavior. In society today, the issue has been becoming more of a problem and is causing issues for the…show more content…
In some states, “it will be left to individual officers to determine when and whether to ask someone his or her immigration status on a routine traffic stop.” (Article 2) This lets the officers use their judgement but also doesn’t want to target the people being stopped. However, in other states such as Missouri has made it mandatory to have officers stop and question people of their immigration status randomly. This is an example that demonstrates racial profiling. It is targeting those who look like they are from across the world. This could affect those who are from the states because they would get stopped even though they are a naturally born citizen. On their traffic stops, police would search people initially, because of the color of their skin. The people who are white would go untouched even though they have contraband the most (source 3). The number of black people searched are much higher than those who are white (source 3). Even people who are Hispanic get searched a lot too but not as much as black people (source 3). Some and probably most officers do not realize that racial profiling is occurring, but it happens more than they think. In some areas across the country, the state numbers aren’t as bad as region…show more content…
Administrative Detention is any arrest of individuals by the state without a trial. This is mainly used for security purposes for people such as terrorist. Even though they have racial profiling laws, people who are not white are more susceptible to be humiliated and targeted. Having racial profiling be a problem, “will inevitably lead to an erosion of the public’s civil rights” (Kaenel). This being that citizens will have rights taken away from them and would lose the trust of those that the community count on the most to keep them
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