Racial Profiling Persuasive Essay

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“Yes officer, I actually DO know how fast I was going, And when you write the description of the violation, make sure you scrawl the acronym D.W.I.”
It is a common belief that based upon the average African-American stereotype perceived, means everyone of that race must fit into that box of assumption. The box being the category I was placed under. Racial profiling is a controversial issue in today's society. The implicit bias as well as the explicit bias does not work in the favor of those who are a darker skin color typically. The world as a whole has to work together to bring to light the problem of racial profiling. It is time people become more aware of the harm caused by racial profiling and pass laws to make racial profiling illegal.
One word for how racial profiling transformed me into who I am would be “cautious.” I believe when you are too hot to handle, people will always be afraid of getting burned. Due to racial profiling, it has made me limit my flame for those who seek to extinguish it. Because I am a black female, I already have …show more content…

The world is telling me to conform to a personality that is acceptable. “ walk this way Khaliya.” “ talk this way Khaliya.” “ Use manners so that you don't get shot.” These are things that i'm constantly told so that I don't get defined negatively as I already am.I wish to go with the flow so that I don't get swept away. Overall, white people look at me and view me as a menace to society. I am constantly told that I choose how I am perceived by older mentors of the caucasian race. However, I believe that I don't have a choice in the matter anyhow. The reason I believe this is because life is based on people, And people naturally gravitate together and pick up the same habits. This leads to the thought that if I don't do what everyone else is doing, you are frowned

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