Reflection Paper On Racial Profiling

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Mid Paper Reflection I am still sticking with my topic on racial profiling in the education system. I am not really having trouble with finding sources on the topic just going through the process itself is difficult. Some sources have different stats from other sources that I have chosen so I cannot tell what information is accurate or not. Other than that I am trying to get through all the things we have to turn in especially the paper. I have been staying up late at night just to try and finish turning in all the other stuff while trying to work on my paper. I have finally completed all my sources but I have yet to do the full annotated bibliography but that shouldn’t take too long. This project is really stressful and because we did not have set deadlines I fell too far behind and now I am trying to cram it all in in one week. I have been really stressed out about this whole research project because I need to pass this class for my major and I just don’t know if that’s going to…show more content…
I really stressed because I am mostly worried about this class instead of all my other classes. I hope that I make a good grade in this class or actually pass as of right now. This process has taught me a lot on how to conduct research on a topic. Racial profiling in education is something I am passionate about because of all the findings that I have come across. It strikes an interest in me because I am an Elementary Ed major and I will deal with certain situations that I have read about and I hope I make the right decision when my time comes. I want for all students to get the best education they can and be proud of who they are. I do not want my students to worry about other things besides school and helping them better themselves. I really hope I can express this emotion in my paper to earn a good grade and finish the semester strong. I just want to make a good

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