Racial Profiling Research Paper

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What is the #1 thing that you see when you watch the news? If you were thinking racial profiling and oppression, then you are correct. Where did all of this come from though? Now, racial tension has been going on for a very long time, tracking all the way back to slavery. Slavery was abolished, yes, but the beliefs and some people’s mindsets have stayed the same. Some statistics and information don’t help, but the wrong doing of some people shouldn’t be burdened on everyone that shares the same race as them. Moving on to my main point, is that of gangs in the U.S and how they have a huge influence on racial tension in the world today.
Gangs in the world today like the ”Bloods” and “Crips”, which arguably, are two of the most notorious gangs …show more content…

So, what exactly is racial profiling? Well, it’s basically the use of one’s specific race or ethnicity as a key factor in deciding whether to engage in enforcement or not. Why African-Americans? They are the biggest receivers of racial profiling and discrimination. From 2002-2015, the NYPD has made numerous stops, and not surprisingly, African-Americans made up more than half of the stops at 53-56%, with Hispanics making up 29-34%, who are also accepted into the Bloods and Crips. Caucasians only made up about 9-12% of the stops. This means that African-Americans and Hispanics made up more than three fourths of the stops made. The funny thing is, is that in nearly nine out of ten searches, police find nothing. By the looks of it, those are some …show more content…

An experiment was conducted by Master of Science, Farouk Radwan. It had people with no history of discrimination against African-Americans sit in front of a computer. They were presented with either a black or white face on the screen. Next, those people were presented with the image of either a wrench or a gun. They were then asked to click on a button when they saw the gun on the screen. Results showed that the people who saw the black face first identified the gun quicker. The reason for this is that the brains of those people associated blacks with danger and threat, so they were able to identify the gun quicker than those who saw the white face first. The media have programmed the minds of people with new beliefs. The people in this experiment were not racists or stereotypical, their brains were just programmed to believe that blacks are dangerous even if they are unaware they had this belief. This experiment does not excuse all acts of discrimination and racial profiling, as you might have thought the experiment was trying to show. It just shows that the controversial topic of racial profiling and stereotypes has logic to it. There’s a difference between someone who believes African-Americans are harmful, and someone who has those beliefs, but also acts on those beliefs by using force or authority. Another example of racial profiling and prejudice in the past years is the

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