Racial Profiling Thesis

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Racial profiling and police brutality has become a very common issue in the United States. This is a problematic issue and has become a very controversial topic. It has raised the question are law enforcement officers receiving the appropriate training to do their job. To become a police officer, you are not required to receive a college degree in Criminal Justice. The amount of training the police officers receive depends on the agency requirements. Many people have started to question about having law enforcement officers in the field that have no prior knowledge of the law or law enforcement experience. Many people feel that this has started to create dangerous situations. This is because even though they have been through a training with…show more content…
In many of the cases where the unarmed males are being killed there was always is an unclear reason why the police made contact with the suspect. From the Black Scholar Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment says, “it has been well noted in the literature and public disclosure that Blacks in America are at a greater risk of experiencing police brutality and are more likely to be stopped by police while driving than people of other races (Black Scholars, 2016). For example, the only thing we see on the news is another African American citizen being killed from being pulled over by a police officer at a traffic light. Philando Castile was pulled over because of his broken taillight. He didn’t make it out the car alive and his four-year-old daughter was in the car. If your son gets pulled over by the police, should he let them search his car and get his tag and registration for him because he doesn’t want to make any sudden movements to scare the officer. If he scares the law-abiding officer, he may not make it…show more content…
So, it has brought attention to unlawful justices against minorities. This has caused a political uproar in the African American communities. The black lives matter movement brings attention to these problems. It also has caused tension on how many African American citizens view of the police. Even though police officers have a body camera it is often released quite some time after the incident has occurred. This allows people to view videos from social media to make a decision even though they may not have the entire story. The victim that was the most talked about in social media name was Philando Castile. From a news reporter at Time News reports, He was a cafeteria supervisor at J.J Hill Montessori Magnet School in Saint Paul Minnesota. He was a role model to hundreds of children (Chan, 2016). In the school district statement, an unnamed coworker says Castile was smart and overqualified for his position, but he took his job seriously. He was kind and respectful. One day he wished to be on the other side of this table (Chan, 2016). A former paraprofessional at the school named Joan Edman said, “he was a real guy and he made a real contribution. Yes, black lives matter. But this man mattered (Chan, 2016).” He was shot and killed by a police officer on July 6, 2016. He was pulled over for a broken tail light. The

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