Racial Quotas In International Sports

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The implementation of racial quotas in sport is a make or break situation. Racial quotas will either affect South African people in a way that they will embrace the diversity in international sport teams or it will divide the different racial groups of South Africa. The main sport that will be focused on will be rugby as it was the rugby world cup of 1995 that represented the ending of apartheid and the discrimination that came with it.
Racial quotas being implemented in international sport will undoubtedly and eventually move down to a provincial level and then to a university and school level as well. International sport boards such as the International Rugby Board (IRB) have been and still are fighting the implementation of racial quotas in South African rugby. The IRB’s duties include prohibiting discrimination based on race etc.
Another factor protecting sports teams is the Employment Act 55 of 1998 that prohibits and does not allow quotas. AfriForum is against the implementation of racial quotas South African
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Equality does not mean to have a quota implemented in a sports team which more accurately displays the demographics of South Africa. In terms of sport equality should mean sportsmen and sportswomen should be selected regardless of race but on a skills basis and if this means the majority of the team is either white or black then so be it. Race should not be a deciding factor in team selection at all. If the quota system were to be totally scrapped and team selection was just based on skill and the majority of soccer players were still black and the majority of rugby players were still white this would just mean that a certain race is more skilled in one sport rather than another. Scrapping the quota system would demonstrate a better image of quality rather than basing teams on

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