Racial Racism In Brunei

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Racism is discrimination towards another race and claimed that one 's race is superior to others. It is a significant issue that has been around since the 19th century. Racism exists in every part of the world such as in the West; racial discriminations are most severe against the Black, Asians, African Indians and more. These people faced difficulty to being accepted in the social world as they suffered from prejudices made by ignorant people. Although this racial issue is not severe in Brunei and may not be taken seriously, it is still prevalent and cannot be denied that racism does happen and exist among Brunei community. There are many kinds of racial discrimination that existed in Brunei. It could be in the form of verbal abuse such as…show more content…
As for the Malays which consisted the majority and accounted for half of the populations, they have endless privileges. All of these privileges can be deemed as unfair to the ethnic minorities, and thus they may end up feeling inferior. For example, the Bruneian citizens who are mostly Malays could easily get free access to education. While at the same time, for the Chinese and Indians that are non-Bruneian, they had to make a certain amount of payment to get an education in Brunei. It showed that Brunei favored its people and consequently making other ethnic groups to have lesser gratification. Another example of Malay privileges can be seen through jobs qualifications. To acquire a job in Brunei, it is essential to have excellent Malay language skills which can be obtained and seen through resume and CV. In this regard, the system can be seen as being biased towards the Malays as Malay is their native language. On the contrary, other ethnic groups suffer from this discrimination because they are required to learn the Malay language that is not their forte to get a decent job and make a living in…show more content…
Racism is widespread among Brunei communities, Although it is subtle the existence of racism is undeniable. The presence of racism in Brunei should be eradicated to form a harmonized country. The act of racism could also affect the image of a country and its well-being. Thus, it is vital to put an action against this alarming issue. There are several ways that can be made to diminish racism. For example, the government could implement laws and regulations regarding racial discrimination. Regardless of what kind of racism that is being acted out, the effect it had towards the targeted ethnic minorities could be prolonged, and there are high possibilities that it would affect them mentally. The outcome of the stereotypes that are made out of racism will have definite impacts towards the targeted individuals. For instance, they will have difficulty with being socially accepted due to the racial discrimination by the society. The act of racism is inhumane and should not be tolerated anywhere. People should be treated equally, and nobody deserves to be discriminated against his or her own rights. Putting race aside, internally every individual is the same human beings
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