Madam And Eve Analysis

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When black is mention generally we all have the mind set of evil, darkness and nothing pleasant. What about white? The pure and innocent representation, the symbolism of what is good and angelic. Black people are basically not as good as the white race.
This stereotype of the black people looked down on was started by the colonization of the southern hemisphere, referring to South Africa. The black South African were identified as barbaric and not able to rule or govern their own country. This lead to the oppression of the black race by the white so “superior” white race. This has the political ideology that was and still occasionally demonstrated in the media.
With this I can reference to the cartoon of “Madam and Eve” which is generally all about how the white people are superior to the black people. It shows Madam as this bossy, disrespectful employer to the lady Eve who is a black maid who always takes orders and never questions what she is told to do. This shows the transparent experience of the apartheid era of how white people and black people would interact. With the mother of who is a domestic worker who has the tendency to follow this trend with the certain white individuals especially the employer brings about the question would the colour always be the issue in our
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With the first experience to it, we could justify that it exist even amongst the biggest and professional levels. The one example where media has shown this was with the National Basketball Association (NBA). One reporter asked “why is the NBA still not the reflection of the United States of America?” with this in the hands of media retaliation or responses proven that there is still the mind set from certain individuals that there are better than others based on their race or skin colour. NBA is not like America as we as the society it is still not acceptable to think that black people being as intellectually
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