Racial Rejection In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Racial rejection, more commonly know as racial rejection or racism, and it has been around for ages, from the first day man came to be all the way to now. It is an everyday occurrence which is, for some, very unpleasant. It is depicted in both To Kill a MockingBird by Harper Lee through the view of Scout, a young girl who lives in the imaginary town of Maycomb in Alabama, and in The Butler a movie directed by Lee Daniels about Cecil Jacobs, a black man who makes his living in the states as a butler. Both set in 1920-1930s and the discrimination is shown a lot in the form of segregation, lack of basic human rights toward African-Americans and sheer disrespect. In To Kill A MockingBird, racism is revealed to be very powerful and apparent to…show more content…
The most obvious way that the blacks were segregated from them were exclusion. Such as in TKAMB, there is a black section and a white section in the courthouse, and in the Butler, the courthouse, the water fountain is separated and marked one side for whites and the other for blacks. When Stephanie Crawford talks to Jem in TKAMB, about Jem, Scout and Dill sitting in the black section, she asked “Did Atticus put you up there as a sort of --?” (287). In other words, Stephanie is asking them if it was a punishment that they were sitting with the black because she thinks whites should sit with whites, and for them to be up there with the blacks have ashamed them. She is asking so because there is a reason if blacks are up there and no other whites are up there. In asking so, Stephanie is trying to mock them and shame them for sitting with blacks since it shouldn’t be done. This shows that the population of Maycomb do think blacks should be separated and that no white belongs to them. The Butler shows very similar segregation. When the Freedom Riders, a group for anti-racism, decides to sit at the counter even if they’re black and it is prohibited and should sit a the black section and old women tells them “You should be sitting in the colored section, you should not be sitting here!” This is clear that blacks were heavily segregated due to the immense…show more content…
During the book and the movie, whites were trying to get rid blacks like they were nothing. As Atticus states “Mayella has committed no crime, she has merely broken a rigid and time honored code of our society, a code so severe that whoever breaks it is hounded from our midst as unfit to live with. In other words, Mayella is trying to get rid of Tom so it doesn’t make her remember her guilt. Atticus explains that anyone who has a relation with a black in the society is segregated like a black, and because Mayella is already poor, she cannot afford to be more lowered in the society. So she’s trying to get rid of Tom. The Butler also shows whites getting rid of blacks without any remorse. At the courthouse scene, when the Freedom Riders are sentenced to jail, the judge finally says “Get those niggers out of here”. Not only is it complete disrespect, but the judge complete doesn’t care about them. Worst of all, it’s a judge, he should have a high degree of respect and shouldn’t use derogatory words. This only proves that racism was so bad that people didn’t care disposing of blacks. In conclusion, the racism was really bad in states where The Butler and TKAMB. Excluding the African-Americans, completely lacking the sense of equality towards them and the white’s complete disregard of blacks. It made the lives of African-Americans’ truly miserable. Racism caused so much trouble and still does now. To Kill A MockingBird and
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