Racial Segregation In The 20th Century

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A lot of people, especially in the US, are talking about the racial segregation during the 20th century when Martin Luther King, Civil Rights Movement, Freedom Riders etc were active as a past era. These people say it like it’s something that have happened back in the days, something finished, but very few of them has thought about if the racial segregation still exists today in some way. But for us who looks at it from a bit more objective and unbiased perspective it’s quite obvious that it still exists in the US, even though many people are totally ignoring it or just not being able to see it as clearly as us who aren’t a part of the society. To be clear and avoid misunderstandings, I’m not saying that the present American society is segregated in the same way as it was back in the days with the Jim Crow laws. During the the time when the Jim Crow laws were current it was a lot of restrictions of what coloured people had the right to do and that that kind of segregation by law doesn’t exist today, but you can’t say that segregation is a overcome problem. White americans still have privileges and are separated from coloured people in many cases, mostly because of social structures. A great example of this is the American schools. Year 2012, 43% of Latino students and 38% of black students go to schools where more than 90% of the students are originating from abroad. That is a very clear evidence that the white Americans still are separated from coloured Americans even
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