Synthesis Essay On Racial Segregation

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Segregation has plagued the U.S. since before the Civil War. Racism between blacks and whites has ended in horrible incidents to blacks done by whites. Racial segregation is primarily done in the south. The government seems to do nothing to stop it. The racial segregation has has to stop, the Declaration of Independence says, “all men are created equal” but in the south that does not apply. Whites segregate everything in the south. Racial segregation includes separating seats on buses, segregation of education, and in some cases no education at all, finally, segregated areas not being as clean as white areas. A major part of segregation is separating the seats of blacks and whites on basic means of transportation. For example, According to…show more content…
According to source C, When the railroad testified in court they said the segregated train cars were the same. However, the railroad did not back this up with any evidence so you can not be sure it is true. Also, looking at other segregated areas the train cars must have been worse if you compare it to bathrooms and water fountains for blacks. According to source A, buses were very segregated deep in the south. Rosa Parks does not give up her seat to a white person and arrested just for not giving up her seat, the back of the bus is also rarely cleaned and the seats are closer together which gives little leg room for the people. Putting blacks in the back is also a time consuming measure, if a black person is getting off at the next stop why should they have to go to the back if a white person gets on and gets off at the last stop. However, others believe the train cars and the seats are the same and are getting the same treatment. To sum it up, black areas are not given the same attention as white areas, and makes segregation look worse. Segregation ruined life in the south for blacks and should not have happened at all. The segregation of public transportation, segregation of education, and unequal segregated areas. Hopefully, segregation does not happen again and people could all be

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