Racial Segregation

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Segregation has plagued the U.S. since before the Civil War. Racism between blacks and whites has ended in horrible incidents to blacks done by whites. Racial segregation is primarily done in the south. The government seems to do nothing to stop it. The racial segregation has has to stop, the Declaration of Independence says, “all men are created equal” but in the south that does not apply. Whites segregate everything in the south. Racial segregation includes separating seats on buses, segregation of education, and in some cases no education at all, finally, segregated areas not being as clean as white areas. A major part of segregation is separating the seats of blacks and whites on basic means of transportation. For example, According to source A, the Montgomery bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parks boards a bus from work, the bus gets full and the driver asks her to move seats because she is black and blacks have to sit in the back. She refuses and she is arrested and fined because Jim Crow laws in the south segregated areas for whites and blacks. Another fine example of segregation according to source C is the Plessy vs Ferguson court case in Louisiana when Homer Plessy buys a train ticket for first class, but being one eighth black is moved to a, “blacks only car”. The Jim Crow laws even segregated train cars so blacks and whites would not be next to each other. Plessy sued the train line and the case goes up to the supreme court, which rules in favor of
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