Racial Stereotypes In Hollywood

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Hollywood has been known for keeping latinos in their “racial lane.” Latinos have faced many challenges throughout the years in Hollywood due to racial stereotypes. Racial stereotypes in Hollywood typically include parts like, maids, housekeepers, immigrants and criminals. Although there's nothing wrong with being a maid or a housekeeper, it is wrong to stereotype all latinos as undocumented, uneducated criminals. For example, the late actress Lupe Ontiveros had recalled playing a maid 150 times during her acting career. In 2002, Ontiveros mentioned in an interview with the New York Times that during auditions casting directors would say that they preferred her to play the part of an immigrant. Although Ontiveros spoke perfect english, they still prefered that she spoke with a thick heavy accent. Despite the fact that Ontiveros’ first language was English and was born and raised in the U.S., she still faced many challenges in Hollywood. Ontiveros was raised bicultural by parents who were Mexican immigrants that migrated to El Paso Texas. She was enriched with both cultures, she had a choice between American and Mexican cinema but was still limited to the type of roles she played.…show more content…
It gives people the idea that all latinos are illegal, second class citizens, with no education or careers. It also creates the illusion that Latinos have nothing positive to offer or share with American cinema. Most importantly, It gives latinos a limited amount of options in Hollywood. The portrayal of Latinos in Hollywood, can make it difficult for not only the actors/actresses but for the next generation. Without any positive role models in Hollywood, there won’t be anybody to encourage the next, upcoming, young aspiring Latino actors/actresses. Regardless, it’s obvious that Hollywood still hasn't been able to successfully shake off the negative stereotypes that have been around for

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