Racial Stereotypes In Recitatif, By Toni Morrison

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Research has been done to show racial stereotypes and its effects on people and their personalities. One of Toni Morrison 's stories "Recitatif" is about two young girls becoming friends in the orphanage they were put into, despite them being of different race. Their names were Twyla and Roberta and both of them had a mother still alive, but they weren 't stable enough to take care of their children. Twyla and Roberta didn 't like another at first, but they came to realize they had a lot of common. At first their race effected how they saw each other, but then it didn 't matter. Throughout the whole story, it is never made clear which girl is white and which one is black. The reader of the story has to face their own prejudices about race. Fruitvale Station is a film by Ryan Coogler based off a true story of what happened to a young black man on New Year 's. Oscar and his friends went to the city to party and took a train there and back, so they would be safe. On the ride back, Oscar is confronted by someone from is past and it breaks into a fight. The police were called, and Oscar and his friends try to leave by breaking up. The women all made it away, but most of the men were told to sit against the wall with restraints. The police had no evidence at all that these men were the ones involved in the fight but since they were black, the officers assumed they were guilty. Oscar tried to hide on the train, but an officer forced him out and onto the ground. The officers

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