Racial Stereotypes: Portrayal Of Women In Magazine Advertisements

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Portrayal of Women in Malaysia Fashion Magazine Advertisements and Their Racial Stereotypes "6 billion advertisements appear in magazines and other periodicals" and occupies 52% of a magazine 's content (Plous 628). According to Plous, advertisements contain the most shocking stereotyping on women. Women 's bodies, within magazines, are exposed four times more often than men. Not only this, but it has also been found that "magazine advertisements have a tendency to portray women 's body parts, rather than their faces" (660). For example, "by 1993-1994, 42.8% of the advertisements with White women contained a display of cleavage or breasts, compared to 22.8% in 1985-1986" (634). Theoretical Background General Stereotypes of Women Portrayed in Magazine Advertisements According to Courtney and Lockeretz (1971), there are four common stereotypes of women images had been reflected in most of the magazine advertisements: (a) "A woman 's place is in the home," (b) "Women do not make important decisions or do important things," (c) "Women are dependent and need men 's protection," and (d) "Men regard women primarily as sex objects; they are not interested in women as people.” The image of women in the media of early time portrayed them as passive, conforming, self-subornating, and obedient, less capable than men. Woman was viewed and being demonstrated as someone who is weaker than man, gender stereotyping her as someone who is low in career status, but responsible for her

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