Racial Stereotyping In Education

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In the Declaration of Independence, the most influential document in our nation’s history, is the phrase, “All men are created equal.” When the sentence was written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson, it carried with it the idea of hope, equality, and freedom. However, the once awe inspiring phrase is empty and meaningless. It's once patriotic and equitable message was lost to the persistent and grotesque societal illness that is racial stereotyping. Racial stereotyping are beliefs and ideas that are about an individual based on their race. Therefore, racial stereotypes have been picked up from children just learning it from their parents and their society. Now these children go to school with what they learn from their surroundings and teach it to…show more content…
Education is an important key to life because it determines youth’s future. Without the proper education, the young youth’s can’t support themselves and their family when they gradually get older due to the fact that they won’t be able to earn a job. We can see that the proper education leads you to a successful life. Racial stereotyping leads a person to maintain power and have control over a victim. This can lead to bullying and being bullied by racial stereotyping is one way that creates a negative impact on innocent students academic performance. “Asian Americans are the most frequently bullied ethnic group due to such stereotypes, according to a 2004 study conducted with nearly 1,400 students”(Hwang, H. (2011, December 10). We strongly can see how these innocent Asian Americans are prone to bullying over racial stereotyping. We definitely see that bullying affects these Asian Americans negatively and starts to produce a lack of interest in education. This can be a horrifying to an Asian American who has plans and has goal to go to college and then have a job but how could an…show more content…
“Studies show that 54% of Asian kids get bullied, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally”(Tran, J. (2012, February 2). Now we all know about the stereotype that “All Asians are extremely smart” and come with reasons on how they have a good academic life but less often do we stop and think about what struggles they are confronted with in their academic lives. Furthermore, we see that these Asian Americans have a rough time in their lives at school and because of being bullied due to these racial stereotypes, these students might take the wrong path and might become bullies of others to get rid of being bullied. This is certainly a domino effect when other innocent students pick up on this negative habit to get rid of being bullied and start bullying other innocent students. We see kids being bullied in front of our eyes and we don’t bother to help out because it’s not happening to you but do we see how hard of a life a victim might have and to get rid of being bullied they might commit suicide instead of being bullies to
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