Essay On Racial Tension In Education

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The scariest thing in this world is that you don’t never know someone’s intention about you. Should race dedicate how one gets to live in this day and age? We living in a diverse world full of a range of different ethnics, race groups and cultures. Since the apartheid experience in South Africa the present conditions are still haunted down by the past actions. The 21st century constitute a world in which everybody is free to express him or herself, but racism as one of the past experiences brought by the apartheid policies still impact the way our learners think and our teaching and learning practices. This problem of racial tension also arises from the exclusion of certain students by the educator and learners not accepting others for whom they are, their genders and what they believe in.
In our classrooms today we are faced with the issue of racial discrimination among our very own learners, whereby blacks are loathing white learners because of the past experience
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Racial tension in classrooms has a negative impact to the teaching and learning practices, teaching and learning becomes ineffective and this issue might go beyond the classroom premises and happen in the school, community or the society at large. Once the issue is solved our learners will then know how to respect and support one another regardless of the race that one comes from and by so doing they will find their meaning in life. This issue of racial tension affects our education practices in a way that it brings arise of unnecessary conflicts among our learners, because they of different skin colour.
In this essay I will further discuss ways in which I would use to alleviate this racial tension in the classroom as an educator using the philosophical perspectives of African Philosophy which is all about understanding humane and Critical Rationalism which is about cross-examining everything.

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