Racial Tension In Law Enforcement

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Over the course of time, racial tension and a corrupt law enforcement is an acknowledged topic that is well known to society; not only in America but worldwide. It’s an ongoing issue that we as people not always experience first hand face but constantly witness, whether it’s through social media or our own two eyes. The question is: will these issues continue or will it eventually dissolve? It seems to be that the past will never be forgotten and will always be recycled by our actions physically and, or emotionally. History tends to repeat itself- racial tension and corrupt law enforcement will always reside; unless we all unite to become one and protect our laws. In Praying for sheetrock corrupt law enforcement and racial tension are constant…show more content…
Unlike sheriff poppell in praying for sheetrock, he makes up his own rules which breaks the system the law has created and made it difficult for order to be restored. In order to fade away racial tension and a corrupt law enforcement it's important to leave personal and emotional opinions away as an officer, for that to be possible a code of conduct is mandatory to be followed by the officers it is known to be called the “Bible for law enforcement”. These conducts are divided in three sectors local, state and federal and is immensely necessary to protect a citizen of the U.S. As an individual in the law enforcement it is necessary for them to take an oath that is morally binding with the services they are involved with the law. When it comes to corruption in the law enforcement each officer that commits the wrong crime is showcasing an extreme lack of control in their part for they commit these crimes just to gain money or superficial power. Corruption in the law enforcement is still a great issue we face today and there is ways to prevent this heinous act of selfishness such as having a strong leadership and operational procedures in the sense that law offices should always have an eye kept on them by higher officials. Of course there are police officials that work for the law and abide by the rules, but the litter of corruption can soil the whole reputation of the police department. By constantly keeping up with regulation and monitoring the actions of a police officials, corruption can be prevented and eventually be stopped permanently. (Grant
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