Racial Tension In 'Remember The Titans'

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The movie “Remember the Titans” is based on a true story of white football players and African American football players being forced to integrate into one team. In the beginning there is much protest against this by the players, the parents, and the community. As the movie progresses, tensions ease by the players, however remains somewhat high amongst the parents and community. Finally towards the end, the community becomes united and accepts everyone for who they are as a person rather than the color of their skin.
The year is 1971 in Virginia, Herman Boone is hired as the first African American football coach. Coach Yoast is now the team's defensive coordinator for T.C. Williams High School, who happens to be white. The majority of the
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Campbell notices this and begins to develop a respect for Bertier. At that point, the coaches notice the attitude changes of both and the team starts working together as one. As camp wraps up and they return home united as a team and getting along well with each other, the community and parents are not so impressed. The white people feel that the white players are brainwashed. Racial tension still happens within the school and problems persist. Although Boone and Yoast are now on friendly terms, protesters still treat Boone unfairly. Some even go as far as throwing bricks into his home with his family sitting in the living…show more content…
With a lot of teamwork, the Titans football team go through a winning season and are perfect. By playing so well and showing good team spirit, the team slowly gains support from the community. However this this success does not come without issues as Coach Yoast is denied a nomination for the Virginia football high school hall of fame. Also, even though more of the community is supporting the team, the African Americans and some whites based on their looks, such as player Sunshine, are denied access to restaurants and are forced to pick up food in the back if they want to eat. After one of the games, Bertier is out celebrating after a win when his car he is driving is t-boned. Gerry ends up in the hospital and becomes paralyzed. The entire team is devastated. The team still has another game to play and when Gerry mother attends the game, the entire stadium claps for her in support. This is when the viewer fully realizes that the community has come together to support the integrated

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