Racial Tensions Essay

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Racial tensions in America have risen at an exponential rate in recent years. It is time to re-examine the issues in ways which undermine the very basis of racial conflicts. When I was in 9th grade my English teacher showed us various people who considered themselves black. As the class looked at the images, people had varying ideas as to whether the person was in fact of one race or another. Race is clearly a relative term based upon individual person’s perceptions. However, even though we could not all agree on which race a particular person was, we could agree that the people in the pictures had importance as human beings and were all objectively human. To undermine the bases of growing racial conflicts based upon the color of a person’s…show more content…
Tensions lessen when people express themselves because it helps to relieve the personal burdens that they feel in their everyday lives based on their race. Through sharing their experiences they feel less alone when they come to this place and share their experiences with others who have had these problems. They may find others who effectively deal with their own similar situations, or they may collectively reach conclusions on how to handle problems in the future. The forum also creates a place where it is okay for anyone to discuss these topics in freedom with no hindrance. All have the abilities to speak their minds over these topics in safety without criticism or concern over offending anyone else with candid discussion. This serves to bring concerns before the community with the full ability to deal with them consistently, reasonably and compassionately with regard to the plights of others’ everyday lives.
The courses, community-based efforts and regular forums would unite people on a human level and turn the focus away from differences that divide them. Whether over time or by example, the consistent, positive progress on a regular basis works to grow understanding and compassion in communities, while bringing them together, united with one another against common concerns. In this way, leaders may empower communities
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