Racial Unfairness In Richard Rodriguez's 'Just Walk On By'

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The society’s standard of race and skin color impacted the two men’s lives. Brent Staples the author of “Just Walk On By”, narrated about his endurance of society’s unfairness. Richard Rodriguez unfolds his experienced in his article “Complexion” a lengthy battle of self-value. The resemblance of racial struggle that both men strive hard to be accepted in each of their environment. As a result, these intolerable racial profiling and skin color degradation, is emotionally and mentally damaging to any individual’s especially to the men of color. The racial profiling that narrowed the lives of African-American to live a normal life because of the society’s faulty criminal intuition beliefs. Staples expresses about his inaccurate identity given by the society as a con man. Whether trying to enjoy for a walk or killing time as a professional journalist many times, an incident happened that the society have made Staples feeling uncomfortable. Staples express the many events in his life mistaken as a criminal for being black, especially the women that come across his way. The incident that Staples describes in his article, the Jewelry store owner referring Staples as a dangerous person. At Staples workplace, mistaken and hunted as a burglar for trying to submit a work assignment as a journalist. Society’s perception for Staples as an outlaw who is freely strolling in the neighborhood is very intimidating. To the society being black means being a criminal is a disturbing common
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