Racial Violence Against Asian American Analysis

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In the article, Racial Violence against Asian American, the racial violence toward Asian Americans are usually targeted. This means Asian Americans are targeted because of the social economic, and the racist violence toward Asian American. The essay discussed that the racial violence against Asian Americans were infeasible and that the paradigmatic of racial violence will elucidate of the incident. In the essay, it used the death of Vincent Chin in Detroit, Michigan during 1982 as an example. The essay talks about how this attack stands out as a perverse symbol of racist violence. The presumes, Chin attackers, puts the blames toward Asian Americans are the reason that cause their unemployment because of the Japanese advancement at the time, anyone who is bearded with Asian…show more content…
As stated above, even if Asian Americans have the intelligence advantage compared to other American, they still face many other racial stereotypes. It described the typical stereotype that other view toward Asian American as submissive and that Asian Americans are culturally as physically unaggressive, political docile, and very accommodating. It also presents that because of the myth of model minority ideology that other has toward Asian American, it put them in a higher social hierarchy compared to other racial minorities groups (“Racial Violence”, 1993). Which also in Triangulation of Asian American, written by Claire Jean Kim, she also argues that this idea of putting Asian American in a triangulation between the White American and other minorities groups. However, she stated by using this ideology it enforcing the White Americans to dominance Asian Americans because they think that Asian Americans are all submissive and are too eager to follow the white directives (Kim,
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