Racially Ignorant Children

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Introduction Although 51 years ago our country passed laws such as the civils rights act, it is prominent in areas that discrimination and stereotypes still live on. This is a major issue when it comes to the children who are raised in racially secluded communities and also do not have much of a diverse ethnic influence while growing up. These discriminations and stereotypes that plague our youth are many times a result of parents past prejudices integrated with lack of diversity in areas or culture that result in a lack in their education. Parents are one of the dominant influences children have when still young. This causing parents to inadvertently teach their children about different races. Along with diversity, or lack thereof, in culture and areas children’s last chance to learn about diversity is through schooling which many times does a poor job of correctly teaching children the facts about diversity and race. I am not the first to recognize that this racial injustice is taking place. Many others have preformed studies trying to decipher the cause of and how to fix racial and diversity ignorance in the youth of these non-diverse parts of America. Parents of Racially Ignorant Children For some families racial prejudices are part of their culture and as a result work their way down through…show more content…
Parents’ attitudes and behaviors transmit world views about race and ethnicity to children by way of subtle, overt, deliberate and unintended mechanisms.” (Hughes). This is prime explanation of how seriously a child is dependent on their parent’s viewpoints dealing with race. The term often used to define the previous quote is racial socialization. In many ethnic minorities use racial socialization to build pride for their own race. As well as teaching racial prejudices to help prepare their children for the racial bias they might receive in
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