Racine's Argumentative Essay

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“I got him this time mommy!” Racine declared, as she victoriously killed the huge cockroach. This, was the best her mother could do. Racine, at a young age admired her mother so. She vowed that she’d take care of her mother and never live to see another cockroach compete with their sparse food. When breakfast was over Ice and Racine would catch the 15 bus to her mother’s job on Lake Merritt. Once there -Racine customarily hid in the dark stairwell leading up to her mother’s workplace until the coast was clear for her to enter the lunch room to color in a book one of her mother’s friends had given her. From age 11 to 25 Racine Medina Starr would work diligently not to repeat the shameful life her mother had struggled with. The next day when ICE Medina snuck into Racine’s father’s wedding to Dana, it was the first time Racine gauged the differences between the haves and the haves-not. As an 11-year old Racine witnessed her mother’s struggles never understanding the full capacity of poverty, until ICE was diagnosed…show more content…
The truth will lock you up and set you free, LOL. I will tell you what happened looking back honestly, on my dreadful life. I guess I ended up like ICE after all…only, my situation today is far worse than ICE’S ever was. Was he taking the fall for something Racine did? The answer to that question is hell yes, he was. Everybody ended up taking the fall for what Racine had done – even her dying mother. He was never coming home. A bitch had to set up a man she loved to save her own damn soul right? While Racine carried a banner for Robert’s exoneration she’d lie, steal, cheat or kill to bring Robert back home, but why? Never giving up on love, Racine put up the greatest fight to free Robert, even when a bitch lost faith in a bitch. A no good funky ass bitch!! Would this gorgeous woman persevere as she swore she would from age 11 or, would Racine end up in jail for
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