Racing Extinction: Movie Analysis

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In honors biology, we watched a film called Racing Extinction. In this film, we learned that humans are the main reason that species of plants and animals all over the Earth are becoming extinct at a rapidly fast speed. The men in the film showed statistics and images that were mind blowing, that I had absolutely no idea about. Humans are more destructive than we think, and we need to do something about it before it is too late. When most people think of the word “extinct”, they relate it to animals, instead of plants. Plants are going extinct too, along with animals, and in reality, plants are much more important to us than animals. Our ecosystem can last without consumers (animals), but we cannot last without producers (plants). One type of plant that is endangered is the Baobab tree. The Baobab tree is most famous for covering much of Madagascar, and is increasingly threatened. As areas that these trees grow in have suffered from drought and desertification the…show more content…
I’ve came up with a plan to do this. There’s nothing that us humans can really do to change the drought in the middle eastern and Madagascar areas, but we can do something about the seeds being thrown away as garbage. Since there is such a high demand for the fruits from these trees, and people just throw away the seeds after they eat the fruit, we need to save these seeds to be used again. With the saved seeds, we can plant them in the ground so the population will begin to regenerate again, instead of heading in the other direction. We can create campaigns, posters, PSAs, etc. that will get the message out to people in Sudan, Madagascar, and the main places where these trees are grown. Since the trees do not grow in America, we can make it our job to get the message out, and encourage others around the world, especially in the areas where these trees grow the most, to make it their job to save the seeds and
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