Racing In The Rain Thesis

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In The Art of Racing in the Rain, as Enzo is dying, he realizes that a person does not have to be selfish to be a great driver, or even a great person. As Enzo is about to die, he is ready to become human, but then realizes how much him dying is going to hurt Denny. He thinks: "I don't want Denny to worry about me. I don't want to force him to take me on a one-way visit to the vet. He loves me so much. The worst thing I could possibly do to Denny is make him hurt me" (Stein ch. 58). While Enzo thinks this, he realizes how selfish he has been his whole life by wanting to die. He realizes that all he has thought about his whole life was how he couldn't wait to die, and finally understands how selfish he had been by not realizing how much it would
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