Racism: A Social Problem In America

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A social problem is some aspect of society that large numbers of people are concerned about and would like changed which means that racism is a social problem. Racism is a huge thing that people want changed about our society especially African Americans. A lot of people think it isn’t fair and some people don’t like them just because the color of their skin. Racism has lead up to a ton of recent social problems like police brutality, or just freedom for African - Americans in general (Wilson)
Racism is when someone is against another race, which qualifies many to be racist or show racism like Columbus back in 1492. There have been many to believe that Christopher Columbus had started racism when he came to the Bahamas. There were Native Americans who greeted them when they got here by giving them clothes, supplies and food, but the kindness was not returned. Instead of responding with kindness, Columbus and his team killed a bunch of the Native Americans whenever they encountered them to expand their land. Due to this by 1550 there were only 500 Native Americans that lived in North America. This is showing racism because Columbus and his crew chose violent separation and conquest instead of becoming allies. When other English settlers came over after Columbus, they used the remaining Native Americans to do their hard work and labor for them. So in a way the theory is correct (Buckley). Andrew Jackson also had a huge part in getting rid of the Native Americans. Jackson
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