Definition Essay: What's Racism?

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What 's racism? Racism is the belief that an exact race is superior or inferior to another, that an individual 's social and moral traits are predetermined by way of his or her inborn traits or in different words the belief that each one individuals of each race possess characteristics, skills, or qualities specified to that race, in particular in order to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Racism has many types such as racism towards other religions and other ethnicities but essentially the most noted style of racism is the racism against colored people. And there are three most important factors to why racism towards colored folks occurs and they are ignorance, fear of loss and displacement and finally the people’s desire to feel superior. Starting off with the first cause which is ignorance, what continues racism is ignorance in the world. If an individual grows up doing a precise thing their entire lives and everybody else around them does the same thing, it is seen to be correct even if it is morally wrong. A bunch of individuals is not going to see anything wrong with what they do since everybody else around them is doing the same thing. The one option to discontinue this ignorance is by means of schooling and awareness of their actions and what the penalties could also be. Until a man or woman’s lack of understanding…show more content…
We have seen many causes and effects of racism and they were all negative things there is nothing positive about racism and that’s why it should be stopped immediately before it gets out of hand and it will be considered a social

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