Racism And Ethnic Discrimination In America

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In history, the colonial era of racism and ethnic discrimination has been a major concern and a controversial issue in the United States. During the time on industrial growth in the U.S. corporations and manufacturers relied heavily on cheap labor, so many people from Asia began to immigrate to the country in hopes of finding jobs. But as the number of Asian American immigrants started to increase, so did the discrimination and racism towards them. Actually, they were divided into three identities, first generation Asians who traveled to United States, the second are those who were born in America, and the third late generation whose identity is neither fully Asian nor fully American. The discrimination that many Asian Americans had faced often…show more content…
At the time most of the Asian actors played negative roles that perpetuated stereotypes. In the media, Asian men were never assigned roles that depicted them in a relationship with a Caucasian female, while on the other hand; the majorities of Asian female’s roles were sexual and portrayed them simply as a temporary object for white men. These negative opinions had a negative impact on society. Statistics showed that marriage between an Asian man and a white woman reduced greatly, but the opposite was seen in Asian women. Somehow, Asian women were stereotyped only as exotic and passive, which caused a lot of sexual harassment for Asian American women. The media somehow made Asian women seem less human, like they were objects and would be able to be subjected to sexual harassment and…show more content…
Both men and women, of all races, have particular stereotypes associated with their sexual identities. What some crudely call “yellow fever” is just one example of a broader phenomenon that, taken as a whole, I tend to think is inconsistent with racial equality.
Memoirs of a Geisha, what else, is about the story of a geisha in Japan. By itself, it's a good story, about an interesting career, but as a movie, it is marketable because it plays on the Asian Prostitute and the Dragon Lady stereotype that caters to white men. The main character (played by Zhang Ziyi, who is Chinese, not Japanese) is a docile, meekly flirtatious, modest Chinese lady. Then there's Pumpkin, who dances around in a bra and an undone kimono for white soldiers who came during World War II (groupthink.kinja)
The most important point that appears didn’t leave Asian girls is racist descriptions, is that, in white men point of view, Asian girls are very mysterious, exotic and hot, It may occur in an extreme case where an individual entirely admires and wants only women of Asian descent. But actually there is no difference between them and the rest of the races indeed, just public opinions and the way that American people saw them stereotype
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