Racism And Gender Discrimination

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The passing of the “International law relating to Racism and Gender Discrimination” were established to prevent the discrimination of women and the ethnic race, “Racism and Sexism.” The cultural and religious biases have become less evident, but nonetheless still present and are likewise expressed in a different manner. “Racism” nowadays is more or less associated with “Judgmentalism.” Judgmental behavior is a sinful defamation of character or a condemning attitude towards another person. People, in the world, ordinarily are quick to judge each other without reason. Many highly think of themselves and therefore they judge others unfairly, who they regard to be less intelligent or unskilled for not being able to measure up according to their…show more content…
“Extreme sexism,” on the other hand, may foster sexual harassment, rape and other forms of sexual violence. In the same manner that people give more importance to people, who are physically and mentally whole over the person who is physically and mentally disadvantaged. Normally, those people with marked disability are treated worthless in the Society and are regarded as a big burden in life that many do not give them importance or attention anymore that they continue to experience physical and mental regression. I understand how it feels to become a victim of “Racism/Judgmentalism” and “Sexism/Preferentialism,” because I myself have experienced prejudice and discrimination inside and outside the church being a woman and a citizen of the third world country. Similar to what had Nelle Morton felt, “the very foundation of my earth likewise shook.” In Japan, I have experienced to work with Japanese Pastors, who are very protective of their conditioned patriarchal cultural faith and religion that they only authorize men to lead important ministries in…show more content…
Women are not at all inferior to men as they suppose. Therefore, women should not permit the traditional standing the world has imposed on women in the culture to disqualify us from fulfilling our God-given mission. God has equally blessed the men and women to work together within and outside the church in the mission of educating, equipping, empowering the helpless children, mountain people, blacks, labor, women, and others. As women, we have the power to become the voice for the minority into sound speeches to promote peace and equality. Women are God’s instruments to defend the powerless and to even established their hopes by educating them appropriately in the wisdom of God in order that they may fearfully live and obey according to God’s Word and become empowered servants of the “Great commission” in spreading the Gospel of love, life, peace, unity and freedom in the world. Nelle Morton has already started challenging men’s behavior towards women in the culture and the church’s prejudice in discriminating women’s leadership; thus, women should continue to commit themselves for the church to hear women speech for equality and understand the greater significance for women to interpret and communicate their theology. Like Nelle, women have to keep motivating and providing hope to a generation of women
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