Racism And Ignorance In The Chrysalids

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There are many reasons that the Chrysalids is a relevant story in this day and age like hate, segregation, prejudice, but the ones I think that are the most important are racism and ignorance. I think this because in today's society, racism is a very big and occurring problem. People treat others differently because of their race.”Only the image of god is man” (Wyndham 18). I quote means that if you don’t look exactly like god then ur not “proper” so you need to die. This ties into the story because the people of Waknuk treat the others townspeople differently if they are not a picture of man. This is an ongoing situation throughout the story. One example of racism in the chrysalids is when the people of waknuk were talking about the people of the island and since they’re black, they should not be around. This is like situation going around in our society where policemen have be shooting innocent black people for no reason because they are assuming they are bad. This proves that racism is a problem in the chrysalids and our society. Ignorance is another main situation the the book. In today's society, some people like Donald Trump are very ignorant.”blessed is the norm, and in purity is our salvation”(18). This quote is saying that waknuk is very ignorant and full of themselves. An example of ignorance…show more content…
I will build a great wall and make the mexicans pay for it.(Donald Trump). Donald Trump is a person you can relate to the Chrysalids. He treats people differently because of religion and differences in their appearance, just like the people of waknuk, who treat the people of the fringes and the blacks differently because the are not a picture of god. Another person who relates to the chrysalids in our society is Hitler. Hitler treat the jews and many other types of people badly because they were different, just like joseph
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