Theme Of Marginalization In Othello

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Zhu Yongpeng (Roger) Mrs. Todoric ENG 4U 20 March 2018 How Marginalization and Racism Destroy Othello It is very hard for someone’s identity to not falter when they face bias and discrimination. Staying true to one’s roots requires a large amount of willpower which Othello has unfortunately lacked. In Othello by William Shakespeare, Othello’s Moor background and the subsequent racism and marginalization he receives, results in his eventual downfall. Initially, Othello’s background affects his identity, making him easily manipulated by Iago. Furthermore, Iago manipulates Othello into several situations where Othello is discriminated. This results in the progressive growth of Othello’s feelings of suspicion and jealousy. Finally, Othello is marginalized…show more content…
In Venice they do let heaven see the pranks They dare not show their husbands. Their best conscience Is not to leave’t undone, but keep’t unknown. (Shakespeare 3.3.205-208) This illustrates Othello’s marginalization by Iago, as a result of Othello’s lack of understanding of the women in Cyprus. Throughout the conversation, Othello becomes increasingly worried about Desdemona’s infidelity and this also accelerates his downfall. Lastly, marginalization makes Othello the dominated individual, which contributes to his demise. Othello says to Iago that: Ay, let her rot and perish … Oh, the world hath not a sweeter creature, she might lie by an emperor’s side and command him tasks. (Shakespeare 4.1.172-176) Iago’s marginalization causes Othello to repeatedly doubt himself and this results in his own personality completely faltering. While Othello used to be a dominant individual, believing the rumors from Iago causes his honor and confidence to fall apart. This transforms Othello into a dominated minority who lives under the manipulation of Iago. To conclude, marginalized positioning not only crumbles Othello’s confidence and manhood, but it also drives feelings of insecurity and uncertainty in Othello’s mind which gives rise to Othello’s tragedy and

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