Racism And Mass Incarceration

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This piece of work is mainly about the social analysts position to the issue of racism and mass incarceration and also how the various principles of distributive justice can be applied to different positions in our issue of focus. It is quite evident that the main work of the social policy analysts is to identify current problems, evaluating them and coming up with solutions regarding to it. Once they discover the problem they try to check for the causes that may leading to that problem and also other problems that may be related to it. However, different social policy analysis’s have differing views regarding a certain problem and also…show more content…
It‘s an issue that is difficult to isolate and its effects have an impact on the whole population at hand. Different analysis hold different views to it and thus we seek to comprehensively analyze it. In the text by Gilbert and Terrell they have tried to define how liberals and conservative have differing views in regard to policy formation. The socialist opinion to the problem of mass incarceration would be that prisons are not a good place to keep people that may be having small crimes locked up , that the justice system has not come up with a way of dealing with the issues of crime rather than incarceration which already is not a working as expected and also that the government incarcerates way too much people at the expense of the society. They are of the view that RACISM AND MASS…show more content…
We get the information that in dispensing criminal justice, one community or race should not get overlooked but all should be treated fairly. In the book by alexander Michael that goes by the title "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness" she tends to believe the issue of mass incarceration to be a stunningly comprehensive and a well distinguished system of racialized social control that functions in a manner similar to 'Jim Crow '. Taking the views of the alexander to be true, it would be right for the principle of Strict Egalitarianism to be strictly followed by the criminal and justice system when administering justice and when sending individuals to be

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