Racism And Prejudice In ZZ Packer's 'Brownies'

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The short story that we read by ZZ Packer, entitled “Brownies” discusses racism from the perspective of young African American girls who belong to a Girl Scout troop. The African American troop is separate from the Caucasian troop just like they are in society. The separation has created hatred and dislike by the girls. The African American girls used derogatory words “Wet Chihuahuas” and “Caucasian Chihuahuas and one of them accused the Caucasian troop of using the word “nigger”. This segregation impacted not only the children but also the adults. One of the troop member’s fathers mistreated a group of Mennonites because he felt that it would be the only time he would have white folk on their knees working for him. The feelings were a product of the environment created by society. How can a Caucasian relate to how it feels to be called a “nigger”? How can they hate and dislike their own race? When is it even okay to use the word nigger and in what …show more content…

African American Literature has imagery, themes, and vocabulary that are distinctive to its race. This form of literary expression was created by racism. The main reason why I don’t think that Caucasian can write about our experiences is neither because their debated writing presumes a perspective that they have not nor could they ever experience. If not handled properly, the work could come off as offensive. For those Caucasians who chose to write about African American Literature risk the misrepresentation; will the work be truthful? Also, the African American community is very territorial and protective of our history and experiences. As long as we continue to have racism and inequality in our society we will continue to have differences in our cultures and thus a need for African American Literature. Until all racism even covert is abolished we can never truly have just “American

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