Othello Racial Bias Analysis

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effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition , enjoyment or exercise, on equal human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political , economic, social , cultural or any other field of public life field. However, the migrant workers work long hours at low wages. Similarly, the play reflects Othello`s racial bias in the Renaissance in Europe. It presents a dilemma many immigrants in tolerant societies. In fact, the play describes human nature accurately. Shakespeare 's tragedy Othello sets in a kind of feudal environment to enable the public to understand the injustice and struggles that someone like Othello will have to deal with in real life. In fact, reflect the suffering Othello`s racial bias in a large transparent and tolerant societies. Thus, these communities are dealing with immigrants in a kind of condescension and arrogance. As a result, 't accept strangers as they are.. Although services Othello`s community curtains they still see that from the outside. The bottom line is , clearly depicts racial bias in the play to point out the injustice of these…show more content…
However, this relationship clashes by a lot of challenges because of racial prejudice and prepare Othello`s to accept this racist view. In fact, these perceptions of racism destroy him psychologically. This play was written in 1604 by Shakespeare. So was the fact that in that period in Venice, which is a center of European civilization in that period. In fact , this was a civilization is not equal among the people. On the contrary, distinguish between them by color, race and religion. In addition, this play displays of human nature at any time up to this time . In spite of the evolution in the atheist century minorities still suffer from persecution and hatred of the native people . When people can coexist peacefully? And when they accept others as they are?
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