Racism And Racism Essay

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Refugees fight xenophobia and racism is very difficult problem.
The end of colonialism did not prevent the world from being divided into racially 'superior groups ' and 'inferior groups '.
The domestic situation is also the same.
The abolition of slavery and legal discrimination in the United States certainly did not end racial discrimination.
However, there is no solution to race problems.
For example , If many comdition is developing in developing country , those who migrate for jobs and political stability will be greatly reduced.
Racism itself can never be a solution.
All anti-immigrant violence at the global level should be addressed as a fundamental violation of human rights. we should focus in trandition and culture habit is support about Racial superiority. racism solution is not easy to answer the question of property.
Actually , There is no good way to overcome internal divisiveness by external threats.
German nationalism was gaining strength as a cultural movement.
The ugly side of nationalism is that of foreign hatred, and Germans who had not forgotten the humiliating defeat in the war against Napoleon in the early nineteenth century had already had considerable hostility towards France.
Bismarck said that the Germans were already having considerable hostility against France.
If Bismarck could have a war against foreign countries, and especially if it was a war against France as an invader, then the western states would take all the doubts about Prussia as if
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