Racism And Racism In Canada

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In Canada today although a very open and well-known nationality ‘Mixing pot’ there is still signs of racism in different aspects of the home, family, workplace, and religion. It can be seen in all of the said topics and how it affects those impacted by racism. The lesser attention is given by teachers to certain students and inter students relations, The home life of families within a certain neighbourhood or community as well as social groups and the judiciary system and how that concerns the punishments and crime in Canada. The reduction of payment in the workforce and some exclusion of certain racial groups in various religions.

Working towards eliminating the racial differences and creating a more welcoming society and sense of togetherness in Canada.

In the Canadian education system, students that are not part of the racial majority are belittled and treated badly forcing trauma and other negative effects in academic and social success to arise due to this negative behaviour towards the kids.
This shows an authors view on the situation and how it has been studied to affect the development of the students. Although it is shown that the evidence does not support the negative student achievement it has shown a lack of trust of the education system forcing a lower strive to want to be educated due to the negative feedback given by peers. This is an issue that is difficult to fix with the homes that the students come from ideals being planted in their cognitive mind,
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