Prejudice And Racism Research Paper

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Racism was and still is a major ongoing issue. Throughout centuries, people are found to be racist for all sorts of reasons. Some are raised or surrounded by people who treat people with hatred due to the difference of skin color. This causes them to observe and eventually start to treat them the exact same way. Some people are insecure and look down on others just to make themselves feel better and others have the fear of just being different even though we are all the same. As a world full of different races, we have gone through many obstacles associated with racism; people being sold into slavery, people being put into concentration camps, and even people murdering one another. People 's egos, especially whites, started to believe that…show more content…
Leviticus, Ephesians, Colossians, and Proverbs reference the word slaves and servants multiple times throughout their stories. In the book of Exodus, it reads the different laws of Hebrew slaves and how the Israelites become slaves in Egypt. The Israelites were forced to build cities and work in different fields. In Genesis 47;19, the second year of famine caused Egyptians to volunteer and sell themselves as slaves to work in exchange for bread.ill add more…show more content…
Nowadays racism isn 't forcing people to do certain things, it is the way people speak, act, and think about others. Some people think that racism is dead or is almost gone, but that is not the case. An example from my personal life was my High School varsity soccer coach. Joel Strickland adopted two African boys when they were just infants. When they sent the two boys to school, who are now four and five years old, they got to witness racism first hand. They being African American and their parents being white has caused confusion for the kids and put an easy target on their backs for being bullied. At the Holland Christian Elementary School, the boys were being asked why they didn 't look like their parents. These questions made them ask my coach and his wife when their skin color was going to change. This is something a child should never have to ask or worry about in their lives, but society has put in their mind that having different skin tones than their parents is not normal. This has caused my coach and his wife much heartbreak and they ended up taking them out of Holland Christian and putting them in a more diverse

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