Racism In Dominican Soccer

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Francisco Lorenzo
Mr. Slaton and Mr. Ruiz
Senior Seminar
4 December 2014
Racism in Dominican Soccer We were all born the same way, we were all created equal and we have been differentiated because of our races and colors. Humanity has created racism to discriminate people from the other race, creating other problems between societies and affecting the way people act towards their social group. Racism is not something that was born, it was something that got popular and normal. It all started with the African Slavery and the European countries colonizing Africa and their native people so they`ll work for the big countries. In sports now days, racism is seen everywhere: Spanish Soccer League, Brazilian Soccer League, Basketball, Golf, Swimming,
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In the actuality we see how racism is affecting families, how its affecting other people and how its affecting whole organizations in what their purpose is.
Racism in the DR is focused on baseball because it’s the main sport in the country. This is an issue in the Dominican Republic because some athletes with bright futures that are dedicated on the sport may not be notice because of their race in other countries. As soccer is a sport that is starting to grow in the country, we haven’t seen a lot of cases of racism but who would say that its not going to happen the same thing as in Baseball.
We can see that lots of people come from other countries with the plan of living in our nation and start their own soccer academies. Having Dominicans and people from other countries together may increase the relation between races thanks to the reason that they are together in one team.
My goal is to create an academy for people all around the world to join together as a team and work to grow up, becoming friends and eliminating racial discrimination from all
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Racism is a big topic all around the world and a single person is not going to change everything. Giving these kids the knowledge is going to help spread the word all around the world. They are going to be able and teach their kids what is right from wrong and the discipline is going to keep going through generations. I’ll have to get all the money I need for several months so my business keeps going but first I’ll have to spread the word so everyone knows about my place. Having people already signed is going to help me know the profit of my
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