Examples Of Sexism In The Color Purple

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Is the twenty-first century and we are still seeing racism and sexism. Isn’t that supposed to be a thing from the past? All this technological advances and new discoveries and some of us are still having the same mentality our ancestors had back in the 30s. We have been seeing these types of prejudice over the years. In 1982, Alice Walker decided to write the novel ‘The Color Purple’ to let us all see life with sexism and racism from the perspective of a black woman. But what exactly is the definition of racism and sexism? According to W. LaVerne Thomas (p.214), racism is the belief that one’s own race is superior to other races. Sexism is the belief that one sex is superior to the other. This are the main reasons for discrimination. Throughout history racism and sexism have been used as an excuse for atrocities like slavery, domestic abuse (which we still see today), genocide, and many others. The protagonist of the novel is named Celie. Since…show more content…
Woman still being oppressed by men show how little we have actually come alone. There are so many ignorant men in society is ridiculous. There are also so many countries still left to free from sexism and racism. Woman all around the world should be entitled to have freedom of speech and to not be controlled by men. Nowadays even celebrities are beating up their female companions. Kids that are growing up and that are still in that stage where they are still trying to understand everything and are very influenced by everyone, are going to think its ok. Because they get off the hook so easily or they just deny it and everybody believes it. Overall everyone should take a stand against sexism and racism. No one deserves to live a life oppressed by the other gender or by society. We should not live in fear. I recommend trying to teach more about sexism and racism in schools. We should show our youngsters how to accept and respect
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