Racism Argumentative Essay

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“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” – Martin Luther King Jr . Racism is the cause of major world problems because it promotes negative actions, low self-worth, and great suffering. Racism should be stopped because it’s the cause for most of the bad things that happen today in this world. Its degrading, and can hurt people mentally, physically, and emotionally. Racism only generates hate it does no good to anyone or any country it only damages the world. Racism is the belief that one’s race is superior to any other races or cultures. “Animosity towards other races, belief in superiority” (Meyers). Racism has been around for many years and has been the cause for discrimination of others during times of social conflict, wars, and even economic situations. “It’s all about trying to get the heads up on other races that…show more content…
For example, police brutality, The events are all over media and the news and has been around since back in the early 60’s. Police brutality is very common now and frankly we the people know when an incident of police brutality is a hate crime or if the person actually did something to deserve the false attacks. “Throughout world history, governments have violated and ignored the human and civil rights of their citizens” (Lugo). The cases of police brutality have made a major negative impact on America and have caused widespread effects on society such as riots. These riots are the outcome of the incidents which have greatly taken a toll on today’s society. It hate back and forth from the people to the police, once police brutality happens people get angry and try to fight back with negative actions such as trying to beat up policeman or trying to kill them. This major issue can be resolved when officers face

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