Racism By Police Essay

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Racism is an evil act that can destroy a society. The U.S is a nation of immigrants and, as such, it is a diverse society where racism has no place. In the past few years police officers in America have been discriminating against the black community. Police officers are meant to protect the public, not cause further damage and stress. They use over excessive force towards black people, target minorities and abuse their power.
Over the past few years police officers in the U.S have killed many black teenagers. Police officers use over excessive force on black people for no reason. They discriminate against black people because of the stereotype that terms them as drug dealers and gangsters when most of them are not, most of them are just normal people. Most black people do live in ghettos where there are a lot of crimes, but it
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Police officers have stun guns and guns for serious crimes for when their life is in danger or someone else’s life is in danger. They are not meant to be pulled out for simple things like not wearing your seatbelt. These weapons are meant to give an officer the upper hand if someone has a weapon of their own, but if an individual does not have a weapon there is no need for an officer to pull out their weapons. In most cases when the police pull over an African American they will pull out their side arm for no reason, maybe to just intimidate the person, but that is not right and it just makes the individual more confused and angry. Some police officers are bullies and there are videos that expose officers beating and verbally harassing African American teenagers at school for fighting, they do not have any right to do that and that is not their job. Officers abuse their power and most of the time get away with it which is not right, they are figures that the public trust to enforce the laws and keep them
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