Racism During Du Bois

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For over 100 years, racism has been a fundamental issue in global politics and culture. Du Bois in his introduction to The Soul of Black Folk says that the challenge experience in the twenty first century is the problem of color line. Although in his childhood schooling he did not experience much direct color discrimination, he learnt from the visible social division within his community when he discovered the hindrances, which the African Americans experienced. The perspective of Roman Catholic teachings and thoughts is the persistent advantage for white Americans in relation to pervasive and persistent disadvantage for people of black color in every aspect of life health, wealth, income, education, housing and criminal justice system. Du Bois’ prediction regarding the persistence of racial injustice is very firm due to its historical rootedness. This paper examines the difference between racism witnessed by Du Bois hundred years ago and racism seen today.…show more content…
He faced firsthand oppression experiences by the children of former slaves in the White South. Consequently, he witnessed politicians and businessmen destroy the gains of reconstruction, and African Americans were struggling against social, political and economic discrimination. Du Bois formed his stand on race relations in America and he began to speak out against the carnages of racism. During his period of studies, he studied at different Universities, observing and comparing racism issues in Africa, Asia and
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