Racism In The 1920s Essay

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After World War 1, the United States was able to move from war to peace in the 1920s . However, with this transition came racism, the red scare, end of progressivism and bumps within the economy. Domestic problems that the United States had to face was the predicament of African Americans, labor unions that had grown in size and influence , the way that living costs had risen, the Red Scare, etc. For instance, with the tansition from war to peace, the United States had to deal with racism. A type of racism was a hate group known as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). The KKK was led by Confederate General Nathaniel Bedford Forrest. An excerpt decribes, “A new version of the Ku Klux Klan arose during the early 1920s. Throughout this time period, immigration, fear of radicalism, and a revolution in morals and manners fanned anxiety in large parts of the country.” They expressed their hatred, through acts of terrorism and intimidation towards Catholics, Jews, African Americans, and foreigners.…show more content…
An excerpt illustrated, “...can you imagine not being allowed to attend school with other students, or buy a house in a certain neighborhood, or use the same water fountain as other people, simply because of the color of your skin? During the Progressive Era, racism affected many aspects of American society”. Also, their was the exlclusion of African Americans from politics. This was one reform that was overlooked by white Progressives near the end of the Progressive
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